Near the end of the year 1997, Alejandro Langman and Pablo Falak meet for the first time at a party and start to sing songs by The Beatles.

In 1998, they make up a band which they call “Alquimia” with Langman playing the guitar and singing and Falak playing the bass guitar and singing too. They attach a complete orchestra of electronic sounds made up of drums, pre-recorded guitar bases,

winds, strings, keyboards, etc.

From the beginning, “Alquimia” composed their own songs in a very personal style while, at the same time, bearing reminiscences of rock, pop and psychedelic music from the 60's and the 70's (The Beatles, The Who) and merging their music with tunes from medieval- symphonic and Celtic music as well as Hindu rock and even with a wide range of modern musical textures –an actual alchemy of sounds. Continuing the tendency of non-Anglo-Saxon rock and pop bands (like in Sweden, Germany and other countries), their lyrics are usually in English. They also experiment in Sanskrit, a sacred language of India as in “Rasahaianashastra Shubha” o “Indri Yagrahamam”.

In 1998, they play in the usual pubs in their home town and also in parks, discos and private parties, as well as release their first single “Reproduciendo un hábitat” and

their first CD “Shubha”.

In 2000, a couple of pub owners in London became aware of the repercussion of the band on the web and made them an offer to sing in that city. So “Alquimia” goes to London on a tour and sing in renowned taverns such as Soho Acoustic Café, Kashmir Klub y 12Bar Club.

In 2001 they premiere their own play “Pop Theatre: The Alchemists' Saga”, probably the first musical of an independent rock band in Argentina and they perform the play to a full house both at Empire Theatre and at YMCA theatre. The play consists of 4 acts performing a classical orchestra version of four songs by Alquimia and two sets of live songs by Alquimia every two acts and woven into one storyline.

At the end of 2001 they show the “Philosophical Choir” who sing “We want to know that way”, a song from the first album in a new version. Between 2002 and 2204 they release the albums “Way Out” and “Live In London” with live songs from the London tour and “Pop Theatre” with the instrumental versions of the songs from the play.

In 2005, the band reborns with five musicians group.

In 2006, they release the first single of the newly formed band containing two songs, “Waiting For The Day” and “Lighting My Mind”.

Over the end of 2009 they released their last single "I love you", with success in Uruguay, Paraguay, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico. Now they are recording new songs and they are prepairing their own Radio.